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Seattle excels when it comes to restaurants specializing in what some consider to be the most important meal of the day: dessert. Whether you’re drawn to fresh-baked berry pies, cool ice cream treats, or gooey warm brownies, find your sweet spot at these charming dessert cafes.

A photo of an ice cream sundae with red syrup drizzled over white ice cream and whipped cream. A light brown cookie is sticking out of the top.

Courtesy Shug’s Soda Fountain and Ice Cream

In Capitol Hill, R+M Dessert Bar (601 E Pike St) presents a rotating menu of scrumptious sweets to go, along with dessert-friendly wines. Fans rave about the lemon-mango tarts, tres leches cake, and white-chocolate-dipped pistachio shortbread cookies. Sip a hot pie toddy while devouring a flaky slice of apple crumble at Pie Bar (1361 E Olive Way), a hip late-night hangout with cocktails and fresh-baked pies. There are additional locations in Phinney Ridge (7402 Greenwood Ave) and Ballard (2218 NW Market St), where you’ll also find the self-described “molten chocolate cakery” Hot Cakes (5427 Ballard Ave NW), which also has an outpost in Capitol Hill (1650 E Olive Way). The delectable confections have piping-hot centers and come in flavors like Dark Decadence (laced with dry-burned caramel and cocoa-nib toffee) and strawberry (with jam, chocolate, and graham cracker crumbs).

Fremont’s cozy Simply Desserts (3421 Fremont Ave N) is a cake lover’s paradise. Drop by for a generous slice of lemon-blueberry or bittersweet hazelnut. In a city teeming with terrific ice cream shops, Shug’s Soda Fountain (1525 First Ave) stands out for its retro setting inside Pike Place Market and its over-the-top ice cream sundaes, made with luscious Lopez Island Creamery ice cream and enticing toppings like roasted marshmallows and seasonal berries.

A photo of two yellow macrons with a curled lemon peel on the bottom right.

Courtesy Lady Yum

With locations in Pioneer Square (116 S Washington St), Belltown (2130 Sixth Ave), and SEA Airport (Terminal A), Lady Yum doles out brightly colored macarons in fanciful flavors like toasted coconut and peach prosecco. Although it’s a full-service restaurant known for contemporary Greek-inspired food, Lola (2000 Fourth Ave) has a devoted following for its warm made-to-order doughnuts, coated in cinnamon sugar and served with ramekins of vanilla mascarpone cream and seasonal jam from Dahlia Bakery (H2001 Fourth Ave), which is itself beloved for its triple coconut cream pie.


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