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Efrem Fesaha

Efrem Fesaha grew up in Seattle in an Eritrean family and opened Boon Boona—an authentic East African–style coffee roaster and cafe—in Renton in 2018, and then a branch in Seattle’s Central District in 2021.

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Efrem Fesaha

What should I see in the Central District?

I like to start by grabbing a beer at Métier Brewing (2616 Cherry St), before heading to Communion (2350 E Union St) or Cafe Selam (2715 E Cherry St) to feast on some of the tastiest treats on earth. I might also take a quick trip down to Madrona Park (853 Lake Washington Blvd) to relax and walk by the beach overlooking Lake Washington.

What are some great areas for strolling and sipping coffee?

Start in the Central District at Peloton Cafe (1224 E Jefferson St) for a breakfast burrito and an espresso brewed from Olympia Coffee beans. Continue to my own Boon Boona (1223 E Cherry St) for a drip coffee and then to Anchorhead Coffee & Bakery (H1115 12th Ave) for a gooey cinnamon roll. Burning off those calories requires a mile of walking, which I like to do in Capitol Hill, dishing out smiles and exchanging hugs or fist bumps with anyone I know along the way. I also like biking around West Seattle, heading to Lincoln Park and Alki Beach before climbing the hill to Current Coffee (2206 California Ave SW) for a cortado with Dorothea Coffee beans. Then I glide down California Avenue until I’ve landed in heaven: Bakery Nouveau (4737 California Ave SW), where everything—pear-cherry-almond tarts, quiche Lorraine—is amazing!


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