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National Parks in Seattle’s Backyard

The three national parks in Washington State house majestic peaks, ancient forests, secluded lakes, and more. Better still, each is easily accessible and only a few hours from Seattle.

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The park service operates a number of other notable Washington destinations.

Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park

Seattle played a major role in the Alaskan Gold Rush, serving as a jump-off point for hungry prospectors. This free Pioneer Square museum’s exhibits reveal the peril of the 1890s rush to the Klondike. *319 Second Ave S;

Wing Luke Museum

This park-affiliated museum explores the history of Asian Pacific American life in Seattle and also offers tours of the Chinatown-International District. *719 S King St;;

Manhattan Project National Historical Park

Along with sites in New Mexico and Tennessee, Washington’s Hanford Site reactor is a relic of World War II’s atomic bomb program.


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