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Airport Accessibility

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) strives to make your travel experience as easy, safe, and comfortable as possible. The airport is fully equipped with special access facilities to provide all travelers – as well as meeters, greeters, and airport employees – with a safe, convenient means of getting around.

Services that make travel more accessible for everyone include:

  • Sunflower lanyards: On October 28, 2019, SEA became the first airport in the U.S. to begin a pilot program offering the sunflower lanyard to passengers with hidden disabilities such as autism, PTSD, or hearing loss. First pioneered at Gatwick International Airport in London, the sunflower lanyard communicates that passengers wearing it may need extra help while traveling. Passengers may request free sunflower lanyards at a Port of Seattle customer service desk or speak to an airport Pathfinder.
  • Auditory assistance: SEA piloted a hearing loop project that improves the clarity of sound for passengers with T-coil hearing aids, cochlear implants and hearing instruments. This can be helpful in areas where there is background noise, such as a gate holdroom. Hearing loop induction systems are available at select locations at SEA, including Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines and jetBlue ticketing and service counters, gates and baggage claim. Passengers can request this service from airline customer service representatives.
  • Wheelchair accessible taxis: Taxi and flat rate vehicle services to and from the airport offer wheelchair accessible vans. SEA has expand the fleet to include five additional wheelchair accessible vehicles. Taxis drop off on the departures level, or a location most convenient for the passenger. Taxis depart from the third-floor parking garage. Passengers with limited mobility, or in a wheelchair, may request curbside pick-up on the Baggage Claim level by Skybridge 2 near Door 10 and Skybridge 5 near Door 22.
  • Curb appeal: The curbs along the upper and lower drives at SEA for departures and arrivals have been updated to meet current code requirements for accessibility, both by creating curb cuts or eliminating the curb altogether.
  • How may we help? SEA added to its airport customer experience and volunteer team to support passengers with different needs. Pathfinders in teal are equipped with tablets for real time translation services for multiple languages with a live person, including sign language
  • Better accessibility wayfinding: Both in the terminal and digital navigation on the Sea-Tac Airport App, there are improvements for navigating the airport. For example, an interactive map on the Sea-Tac App provides turn by turn directions between two points, or high color contrast wayfinding signage helps with airport navigation for low vision travelers.
  • Better accessibility amenities: The airport installed more accessible dining tables and charging stations in the south end of the Central Terminal. SEA also installed an adult changing table in the family restroom as part of the modernization of North Satellite. Additional adult changing tables are included in future projects.
  • Highlights from recent years: Airport guests may also take advantage of the Meditation/Quiet Room at SEA, a pre-security amenity established in 2018 to provide a calm space for guests. In 2018 SEA also launched its free Aira minutes program. The Port covers the cost for any travelers using the Aira service while on our free Wi-Fi network.  Aira connects people who are blind or low vision to certified live agents to navigate every step of the airport. Additionally, 2021 saw the opening of a Sensory Room for travelers, including neurodivergent individuals and those with sensory disabilities, who need a quiet space in the airport. The Sensory Room has specially selected finishes, lighting, and furniture to create a sense of calm and can be found after security on the A Train Station level.

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