Winter Walks

Winter’s as good a time as any to experience the region’s trails and views.

When snow blankets the mountains around Seattle, strap on those snowshoes and float through the winter wonderland. Intrepid explorers can head to Mount Rainier, where rangers sometimes lead day trips, gear included, over snowdrifts to gaze at glaciers. Closer to Seattle, Franklin Falls offers a forest hike and views of a frozen waterfall.

Catching snow within city limits is a special event; outdoor lovers are more likely to enjoy temperate conditions throughout winter and early spring. Simply lace up the hiking boots and head out to the windswept trails of Discovery Park or Lincoln Park—and keep an eye out for orcas and eagles.



Always check on trail and road conditions, and if you’re heading to the hills, look into avalanche danger and other hazards at Northwest Avalanche Center. Route ideas can be found at the Washington Trails Association.


Visit downtown’s REI (222 Yale Ave N) or West Seattle’s Mountain to Sound Outfitters (3602 SW Alaska St) to rent equipment.

Franklin Falls Sabrina Aspinall


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