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Seattle Ambassador:Megan Rapinoe

This Seattle Reign FC midfielder, who helped lead the US national team to win the FIFA Women’s World Cup tournaments in 2015 and 2019, dishes about her first impressions of Seattle—and why she still loves it here.

Photo: Reign FC

You first moved here in 2012 to play soccer. What was your first impression of Seattle, and has it changed much?

When I first came to Seattle to play, it was in the summer months. I lived with a close friend and teammate, Stephanie Cox, who lives in Gig Harbor. My initial thoughts were just how breathtaking this city is. I loved being surrounded by nature and water but still having the city right there. I think my impressions are the same: Seattle is absolutely beautiful.

What are some of your favorite things to do in Seattle?

I love coffee, so I am very spoiled here. One of my favorite things is to go out on Lake Washington. I have some friends with boats, and there is nothing better than a glass of bubs on the boat with the sun shining.

When friends and family visit, where do you take them to show off the city?

I live south of downtown in Columbia City, so I would take them to Lake Washington and around Seward Park (5900 Lake Washington Blvd S). Then I would take them to Vietnamese for lunch in the Chinatown-International District, then Capitol Hill for all things gay and interesting and dinner at one of my favorite places on the Hill, The Tin Table (915 E Pine St).

What makes Seattle such a great sports town?

The teams in Seattle are really good! My dad is a Cubs fan, and it doesn’t look like he enjoys that very much most of the time. So it’s enjoyable to root for teams that win.

Finish this sentence. “When I’m not on the pitch, you can find me…”

At home. I really love my home. My fiancé and I found a steal—lake views, peaceful, close to everything we need. And she makes me coffee every morning, so at least in the mornings you can always find me at home.


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