Brown’s Stockyard Exchange

Brown’s Stockyard Exchange

Restaurants Bellevue/Eastside

Brown’s Stockyard Exchange is a contemporary living room in the heart of Redmond, featuring American comfort food, paired with local wines, brews and spirits. From vegan to vegetarian options to a generous Happy Hour that’ll keep ‘ya sticking around.

The early days of Redmond are filled with tales of prohibition-era shenanigans, late night dancing and revelry, and houses of ill repute. Some of these establishments were built by the forefathers of our great city, industrial entrepreneurs and politicians alike. Much beloved, these great men and women helped lay the groundwork for this popular NW destination. Brown’s Stockyard Exchange was created as a fitting tribute to this notorious time and place.

Brown's Stockyard Exchange Bar
Browns Stockyard Exchange Restaurant
Brown's Stockyard Exchange Lounge


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