Young, Gluten Free (and Sleepless) in Seattle

Gluten free, dairy free, and vegan, oh my! When deciding to attend the University of Washington I wondered if it would be hard to adjust moving to a new city being allergic to gluten, no longer having access to my “go-to” places. But Seattle’s gluten free food scene is easily accessible, extensive, still expanding and I have had a wonderful time exploring it for the past three years. Looking back, it would have been nice to have someone spell out being gluten free for me when I first moved here, so let me spell it out for you – literally!



Gluten bombs – ever heard of them? No? They are a broke college student’s fuel, aka: cheap pizza and beer.  It is probably the least friendly meal to people with gluten allergies, but the friendliest to college students trying to get the best bang for their buck.  Luckily, Seattle makes sure that any dietary restrictions you may have won’t hinder your social life.


Gasworks is the perfect spot to enjoy a Ghostfish Pale Ale four-pack. Darby Tinker


Linda’s Tavern is located in Capitol Hill and uses Rachel’s Ginger Beer (my all-time favorite ginger beer) in their Moscow Mules. During summer months, they have a great outdoor patio in the back of the restaurant where you can sip on your drink with friends and soak up the sun. Since a lot of places haven’t gotten on board with gluten free beer yet, and I’ve personally never hopped on the cider train that has recently exploded, Moscow Mules naturally became my drink of choice. So much so that I might talk about it twice in this post.



Unusual malted grains allow Ghostfish Brewing Company  to produce tasty beer in facilities dedicated to being gluten free. You can pick up a four pack at various grocery stores for a picnic at Gas Works Park, or have a fun day at their brewery in SODO where they have gluten free food options. 


Tacos Chuki’s on Broadway Darby Tinker


Tacos Chuki’s makes it easy for anyone with gluten allergies because they use corn tortillas for their house tacos. With no website and no advertising, you can find the original hole in the wall location quietly tucked away in the back of a mini mall on Broadway. My friends and I usually tap out at about five tacos each, but sometimes we push ourselves to six when we want to test our limits.   



Even with no signs, you can find your way to the Pink Door in Post Alley at Pike Place Market. Seriously… just look for a literal pink door across from Pike Place Chowder and you’ve found it! I recently devoured a delicious Dungeness crab risotto here while enjoying views of Elliott Bay, but you can also substitute any pasta besides the lasagna with gluten free pasta.


Nuflours Bakery in Capitol Hill Darby Tinker


Nuflours has one of the best gluten free brownies for anyone with a sweet tooth. Their store in Capitol Hill has a variety of pastries, but I love going to their stand at the Ballard Farmers Market and pairing the brownie with an almond milk latte from Café Umbria.



Frankie and Jo’s is another gem in Capitol Hill to satisfy sweet tooth cravings. Dedicated to being gluten free and vegan, this place is great to get a funky flavor in an actual cone, not just a bowl… exciting!


Buy any flavor of Rachel’s Ginger Beer in a growler (I recommend the white peach or pink guava!). Darby Tinker


Rachel’s Ginger Beer…told you I would find a way to bring it up again. The Moscow Mule masters recently opened in University Village (dangerously close to where I live) and I have found myself wandering over there far too often. You can try one of their concoctions, or get creative and build your own. The first time I built my own mule, the white peach ginger beer was recommended to me and it was so refreshing that I have yet to try another flavor since.



Evergreen’s Salad was my first part time job in college, and it got me hooked. They are growing quickly and have a ton of locations, perfect for a quick grab-and-go meal when you have a jam packed day of touring the city. They make all of their dressings in house – my favorite is the cilantro lime – and clearly state any allergen information on the menu.



Elemental Pizza is a place where you can have a faux gluten bomb – and no one would know the difference! If you are at Rachel’s Ginger Beer at the University Village location, it’s only a hop skip and jump away to the restaurant, conveniently located in the Village as well. The curry with chicken or the green goddess are my two favorite pizzas, and they have a rotating local cider on tap for drinks.


Even though it wouldn’t be difficult to stumble upon gluten free restaurants and bars because Seattle is so amazing at accommodating dietary restrictions, it is always nice to have a gluten free guide spelled out when visiting any city. These are some of my favorite spots that I have accumulated over the years, and the list is still growing!


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Darby Tinker

Darby Tinker is a former Public Relations Intern at Visit Seattle. Growing up in Vancouver, WA, she moved up to Seattle three years ago to attend the University of Washington. You can find her reading any Tana French book, experimenting with new cooking recipes, or finding the best sushi spots around town.

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  1. The visitor brochures I received were excellent and very helpful in planning a visit. Many Thanks!

  2. Hi Darby –

    I wanted to invite you to come visit my cafe & bakery on Capitol Hill – Niche GF Cafe & Bakery. We are 100% dedicated gluten free and 100% delicious! We offer a full cafe menu as well as lots of fantastic handmade pastries! You can check out our menu at

    We hope to see you soon!

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