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Sasquatch Finger Puppet & Scavenger Hunt

A child with a sasquatch finger puppet

Ali Daniels

I know I am not the only parent trying to come up with new ways to entertain my kids during this unique time we are experiencing. I’m desperately trying to put a different spin on old activities to make them new and exciting. My 5-year-old and 2-year-old have done about 67 scavenger hunts since March – indoor hunts, outdoor hunts, color hunts, polaroid hunts, sound hunts – you name it, we’ve tried it. So to liven it up one more time and put a Northwest spin on it, I created a little friend to take with us – Sasquatch. What’s great about Sasquatch, is no one has ever really seen one, so you can make it look however you like!

So grab some supplies and create one, or more, and join this little scavenger hunt.



  • Finger Puppet Pattern
  • Felt: Dark Brown, Light Brown, White, Red (Optional)
  • Needle & Thread: Dark Brown or Black, Light Brown or White OR a Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Optional: Sharpie, Pinking Shears, Red Felt


  1. Gather supplies above
  2. Print out the Finger Puppet Pattern
  3. Cut out shapes from pattern, then use them as templates to cut the shapes out of felt. Make sure you cut two bodies (one for the front, one for the back) and two arms. I used pinking shears to resemble fur, but scissors work just fine.


  1. Start with the face
    1. Eyes: I stitched a little star for each eye with dark brown thread, but a Sharpie works too. Just two little dots are all you need.
    2. Mouth: Cut a small smile, frown, or other shape out of white felt and stitch with light brown or white thread. I used pinking shears on one side to give the look of teeth.
    3. Stitch face to one piece of the body. I used pins to hold the pieces in place while I stitched around the face.
    4. If you are adding a heart bow, now is the time to add it. Just a stitch or two will do to hold it in place.
  2. Add the tummy
    1. Use light brown or white thread to stitch the tummy to the same piece of the body that you stitched the face. Make sure the bottom of the tummy matches up with the bottom of the body. Add a tummy button if you please with either a Sharpie or a stitch or two.
    2. I used pins to hold the tummy in place while I stitched it to the body.
  3. Finish with the arms & back
    1. Place the front body (with the face and tummy) on top of the blank back body and tuck arms in wherever you like. Then place the pins to hold everything in place until you stitch around the body and through the arms.

Congrats! You now have a Sasquatch to join you on your scavenger hunt!



Try searching for these Sasquatch-friendly items:

  • Small Stick
  • Red Leaf
  • Green Leaf
  • Pinecone
  • Acorn
  • Small Rock
  • Animal Footprint
  • Flower
  • Feather
  • Spider Web
  • Tree Stump
  • Flying Bug
  • Animal Shaped Cloud

To see how other Sasquatches have explored, please check out





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