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It’s game day in the city and you simply can’t decide which bar best suits your pre-function needs. TVs and beer are easy enough to find, but getting the right atmosphere in a venue is a more difficult task. Game day brings with it the exuberance of a street fair and Pioneer Square comes alive. All the way down Occidental Avenue the street gets flooded with food and sports memorabilia vendors. Regardless of the contest, Three-fingered Jack, who is technically 3.5 fingered (not counting the thumb), is strumming away on the steps of CenturyLink while Pedi cabs zoom by spreading the aroma of popcorn and hotdogs with each pedal. Once you are on the main drag there are five main bar options that I recommend you explore.


Photo by Hayden Campbell.

The Hawks Nest Bar & Grill is always packed before and after any sports game. I know you can say that for a lot of the bars in the Stadium District, but The Hawks Nest does it right. They have great deals on game day beers (the bucket of tallboys being the best option)
all set in an awesome venue, which is less than one block from the stadiums.
They nail the sports bar aesthetic with dressed up memorabilia lining the walls,
complete with signed pictures of Seattle sports favorites. This bar is
frequented by current and ex athletes alike, which is always a thrill to see as
a fan. If you’re looking for some pre-game snacks you’re in luck! They have a
great assortment of food thanks to their new chef who does everything from flatbread
to burgers. From start to finish this place is a great time.


Photo by Hayden Campbell.

Sluggers Sports Bar is where you will find the real Seattle sports fans; I’m talking
about the Mariners fans that are delightfully optimistic every spring and deep
into the fall when the M’s are well out of the playoff race. These fans are the lifeblood of Sluggers. If you’ve ever seen Good Will Hunting this is the kind of place that Will, Chuckie O’Sullivan, and Morgan O’Mally would come to before a ballgame. Due to the cozy nature of this bar I highly suggest you buy a couple of pitchers and get comfortable with the people around you. By the time the game starts you will have made a bevy of new friends and had a great time doing it.


Photo by Hayden Campbell.

The Triangle Pub exudes authentic charm and the age does not detract from the experience, it only adds to the character of the establishment. It’s a celebration with food, drinks, and a wide assortment of lottery games on game day. This allure to this bar isn’t the beer or the food in particular, but it’s the experience you share with all the other fans that are packed into this historic establishment. Come with a group of friends and stake out a spot on the outdoor patio. The patio is a covered space with a view of the stadiums and also provides a great perch for people watching on game day. This is a more raucous crowd so pre-funk accordingly.


Photo by Hayden Campbell.

Elysian Fields offers a more decadent experience with freshly brewed craft beers in a more austere and open setting. This bar gets crowded like the others before game time, but
with a little less enthusiasm. The bar is enormous and well stocked, with less
of a focus on the “light” and “iced” beers of the world. It can get a little
pricey here, so be sure to bring along all those friends that “owe you one.”
Overall, I would say that if you want to taste some craft beers, or maybe even
get a cocktail, then this place is for you.

The Pyramid Alehouse has a more commercial feel to it, but it boasts the largest beer garden within walking distance of the stadium. During the summer time it’s buzzing with home and away fans alike all mingling with one common goal, drinking a cold beer in
the sun. It’s also a very accommodating space on the inside if you’re looking
for a bite to eat, which makes it ideal if you’re traveling to the game with a
large group. If you are an away fan traveling to Seattle, they also have
parking around back with tons of space for tailgating before the game. This
gives you a chance to kick back and enjoy the energy of game day in the city.


If you cant make it down to the stadium, then check the following bars out on game day.

In the U-District: Dante’s

In Fremont: George & Dragon Pub

In SODO: Hooverville


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