Over the past three years, 60 artists from 20 countries produced 51 murals to create SODO Track: a collaborative art project along a two-mile stretch of transit traveled by over 50,000 people daily now hailed as the world’s longest continuous corridor of street art.

This year, four of those artists reunite to collaborate on another mural project in the heart of Seattle Center. With behind the scenes planning sessions and exclusive artist interviews, SODO Motive is a documentary on the artistic process and an exploration of how Seattle inspires the artists and their artwork alike.

Keep your eyes on for SODO Motive, scheduled to launch in October 2019.

Featured Artists

Angelina Villalobos, pseudonym 179, grew up in Seattle within a mosaic of cultures and ideas. Having been raised Americanized Mexican  Catholic, Angelina’s work mixes the iconography of Catholicism with pop culture to folklore. This union, influenced by being raised in the Pacific Northwest in the 90s, is an intimate exemplification of her personal pursuit of understanding the world around her.

Gabriel Marquez was born in El Paso, Texas where he lived for 31 years. IN 2014, he moved to Renton, Washington to work as a technical designer in the interior design field for the aviation industry. As an active member of the Seattle community, Marquez has exhibited in multiple exhibitions with the Center on Contemporary Art as well as True Love Art Gallery, Axis Gallery, and Mainframe Gallery among many others. In the summer of 2016, he was a featured artist in the acclaimed “La Cocina” pop-up Latinx art space, organized by non-profit La Sala: a Latinx Artists’ Network.

Sam “Sneke” Swanson was born and raised in Burien and Seattle. Sam is an accomplished Graffiti artist and curator of art events in and around Seattle, including Mural Masters. He has spearheaded an initiative to beautify the Chinatown-International District by working with the local businesses to create legitimate, graffiti-stile paintings and murals.

Paola Delfin, an artist born in Mexico City, is mainly influenced by illustrations, organic forms and a mixture of unusual materials. The topic she endeavors to explore relates to beauty and feminine sensibility. Through these female characteristics, Delfin is able to depict a vast range of incredible changes and contrasts where she attempts to give her work a life of its own. She has a meticulous process of illustration, verging on an almost obsessive technique to portray the creative aesthetic of her generation while also depicting a reflective message. Her goal is to make her work universally available to all audiences from all works of life.


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