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Valley & Company Events

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Named Best Wedding Planners and Best Event Planners in Seattle and in the world, our team thrives on creating impactful events for our clients. We care about your story and we work tirelessly so you can trust the planning process and really, truly enjoy your celebration and relish in the fun and take out the guesswork of planning an event! It’s our job to make our clients look and feel good and to be able to celebrate at their own event! We steer the ship and guide the plans and design process, recommending the very best creative team we’ve vetted over 17 years, troubleshooting logistics, and brainstorming ideas unique to each of our clients. We provide a fun and enjoyable planning experience, and push the creative envelope, leaving you with the most memorable and incredible signature event that tells your story!

Corporate Dinner Party
Lawn luncheon
Dinner on Maui
Book Launch Party
Dinner party for Audi
Total ballroom transformation
Winter Dinner Party
Winter Dinner Party
Dinner party for Audi
Corporate Holiday Dinner Party


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