Unexpected Productions Improv

Unexpected Productions Improv

Performing Arts Downtown Seattle

What makes Unexpected Productions Improv unique? All of our performances are created with our audiences. You are part of the show.
From the Market Theater in Seattle’s Historic Pike Place Market, we provide 10 shows a week, including Theatresports, the longest running show in Seattle. We focus on the art of storytelling in its work, taking suggestions from the audience and weaving them into hilarious stories, scenes, and music.
Unexpected Productions’ shows are unique and affordable. It all-ages programming offers a variety of shows that entertain family and adult audiences. Crowds from all over the city and the world return, attracted by the distinct charm and enchantment of the performance, and the fact that you never see the same show twice.
TheatreSports™, in its 36th year, is our most popular show. Every Fri. & Sat. at 10:30 pm, combines comedy, improv, theater, and sports all rolled into one.
Unexpected Productions will help you create an evening of laughs and memories.

Unexpected Productions


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