Puget Sound Express Whale Watching

Puget Sound Express Whale Watching

Tours Downtown Seattle

Go whale watching in Seattle! See orcas, humpback whales, and all the majestic wildlife in the San Juan Islands – departing just 15 minutes north of downtown Seattle. With 3 generations of family dedication and experience, we guarantee you’ll see whales or your next trip is free!

Cruising at over 40mph, the MV Saratoga will take you to the spectacular San Juan Islands in a little over an hour. Ride the the fastest whale watching boat in the Northwest on the only half-day whale watching tour from Seattle. The Saratoga features spacious, comfortable indoor seating and large windows, wheelchair-accessible restrooms, outside viewing decks, and a great galley/cafe — enjoy Sherri’s signature, freshly baked “blueberry buckle” on every trip.

2018 Gray Whale Tours run March 6-April 26. This is a 2-1/2 hour trip.

2018 Half-day Whale Watching Tours run April 27-October 24. This extraordinary 4-1/2 hour trip connects you with a menagerie of whales and wildlife – something different every trip.

Breaching Orca
Minke Dorsal Fin
Whale Tail
Whale Watching


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