Dubsea Fish Sticks

Dubsea Fish Sticks

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The DubSea Fish Sticks are a summer collegiate baseball team based in the West Seattle Suburb of White Center, Wa. The team prides itself on providing fun, affordable, family entertainment during the months of June and July.

Their games are affordable with a ticket price of only $12. The Sticks put on their shows (aka games) at Mel Olson Stadium (nicknamed The Fryer) which is located inside of King County’s Steve Cox Memorial Park.

The Fryer features a full concession stand offering some of the best food in any ballpark and a full beer and wine garden.

The Fish Sticks are made up of college players from around the country who play for the them while on their summer break before returning to school in the fall.

Now this isn’t your average baseball game. You can expect to have a great time no matter what is going on in the game. The team makes sure that every fan that enters the ballpark gets to enjoy the crazy, wacky show they put on.



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