Certified Folder Display Service, Inc.

Certified Folder Display Service, Inc.

Marketing & Public Relation Agencies Southside Seattle

Certified Folder Display Service, Inc. is North America’s largest professional travel brochure & magazine distribution and display service.

Offering distribution large and small to reach target audiences including the fly in travelers through our airport display programs, in-market visitors through our hotel & visitor center displays, regional travelers on board the WA State ferries, cruise ship travelers, sports enthusiast, locals, and military.

Call now for more information on seeing your brochure at these locations and more.

Research shows that 99% of front desk and concierge staff prefer having print material to hand to their guests. Over 74% of the traveling public see our displays and find new information on things to do, changing their plans and staying longer. Find out how to get a FREE display at your location now!



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