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One Enchanted Evening

This year, Enchant Christmas returned to Seattle with another enchanting holiday lights adventure. As someone who was unable to attend 2018’s Enchant, I went into the experience with wide eyes and came out on the other side thoroughly impressed and jolly.

Upon my arrival to T-Mobile Park, I was absolutely captivated by the abundance of twinkling lights decorating the outside of the building. They made clear that 2019’s Mischievous theme was going to be an immersive one. As I walked toward the stadium with my party and the lights continued to playfully blink, I felt my excitement begin to rise. I found myself looking forward to exploring every single thing I knew I’d encounter inside.

Entrance to the light maze with theme of “Mischievous” Chloe Nightingale

Right inside the entrance, we were greeted by an incredible set of carolers, who performed dazzling four-part renditions of all the classic holiday songs. Before taking on the maze, we continued our journey into the Christmas Market curated by Urban Craft Uprising. In all honesty, I was tempted to buy one of everything, but then decided I didn’t need to go home with candles, ornaments, art, sweaters, a stuffed animal, and local honey.

Light displays in the shape of presents led our way to the lost toys in the light maze. Chloe Nightingale

Down in the maze, the air was electric with not only lights, but also the buzz of families milling about searching for Eddie the Elf’s Lost Toys. My partner and I were struck by the incredible amount of detail throughout the maze. We were especially fascinated by the faux snow, he and I discussed it at length trying to figure out what it was made of. Was it soap bubbles? Was it just a light mist? We still don’t know.

Getting lost in the light maze was not necessarily a bad thing. Chloe Nightingale

We joined in on the toy search and managed to find all of the toys with a handful of trips around the maze. There were a couple of toys that really had us stumped, but we found them in the end. Along the way, we stumbled upon a few of the different picture-perfect moments Enchant has set up down in the maze. Complete with button operated flood lamps, these photo op spots were such a fun way to capture the night.

Enchant Christmas provided many photo op activations, complete with button-operated flood lamps. Chloe Nightingale

We also stumbled on Enchant’s ice rink while we were wandering the maze. As you might have heard, this year the rink increased in size by an incredible 30% and is more of a lazy river layout. While we did not partake in the skating experience, we did spend some time watching folks skate around, holding in gasps when they took spills, and cheering for them when they managed to recover – all while holding hot cocoa from a conveniently located stand right beside the rink.

Itty Bitty Schmitty pretzels were the perfect way to end the night. Chloe Nightingale

Post maze, we ventured into the food vendor area looking for a bite to eat came across gigantic Bavarian pretzels from Itty Bitty Schnitty. We treated ourselves to a pretzel with raclette cheese and munched on it until we were content, even leaving some behind. With full tummies and gleaming smiles, we left thoroughly enchanted by Enchant Christmas’ Mischievous light maze.

With an all-new adventure “Mischievous”, Enchant Christmas® returns to T-Mobile Park for its second year. With hot cocoa in hand, guests can travel the World’s Largest Light Maze complete with gently falling snow, mosey through an all-new foodie and Christmas Market experience with over 70 local artisans, and glide along a light-adorned ice skating trail, all while holiday music and live entertainment spreads the joy of the season from start to finish. Discover the adventure through December 29, 2019.

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