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I’m not lost; I’m running

My Running Partner

My Running Partner

I recently moved into a new neighborhood in Seattle and have been enjoying what I think may be one of the best ways to orientate yourself to a new area: running.  I’ve always enjoyed running as a way to see new places and I love to bring my tennis shoes when traveling.Most recently I’ve run along the marinas in San Diego, the hills of San Francisco and the flats in Orlando but I must say I think running here in Seattle is tough to beat.

Whether you run downtown along the waterfront following the five mile Elliott Bay Trail which stretches from the stadiums to Magnolia or you opt for the Burke-Gilman Trail, an 18 miler that will test the endurance of even the most extreme athletes, you are bound to find your stride and learn your way around while surrounded in the immense beauty this area is known for.

You can run the sidewalks or hit the trails both of which you’ll find plenty of; whichever you choose, get out and get going.  There are a number of apps like “GPS Pal” that will track your run and provide you with a map to help you find a route back.

Find a list of City Parks and more detailed information here:

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Danielle Decker

Danielle Decker was formerly Tourism Manager, Special Projects at Visit Seattle. Now chasing after her two young ones, she still loves spending time outdoors, whether that’s hiking in the mountains, snowboarding, or grilling on the deck with friends and family.

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