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Photo by: Evergreen State Fair.

Summer goes by so fast and has so many fun events, it was a challenge to find the perfect and unique end of season adventure for my god-kids and family friends. On a whim, we selected the Evergreen State Fair and didn’t even know that $2 Tuesday offer existed!

Evergreen Fair crew

The fair-goers: Angela and Lilly, Annie, Kris and Jacob.

Also, rain-schrain – we had a sprinkle or two, but that doesn’t stop a Pacific Northwesterner from getting outside!

First up, rides. Kids do like rides, especially with no lines! Arriving at 10:30 a.m. was perfect – rides started up at 11. They ran from ride to ride and were able to go on some of them twice in a row.


Photo by: Evergreen State Fair.

Next, fair food. It is scientifically proven (sort of) that corn dogs and curly fries taste better at the fair. Elephant ears, scones and corn on the cob smelled amazing and tasted great too. The food area even had some gluten free – cotton candy is definitely gluten free – and some fancier options like ribs and crepes.

Next, barns = my favorite. I do like rides and corn dogs, but really the fair to me is all about the 4-H barns and the animals. Those kid-contestants are smart and creative, showing skills extending from crafts to crops and animals. There were blue ribbons all over the place and for good reason – the kids have tons of talent.


Pigs and more pigs at the fair. Photo by Evergreen State Fair.

Who doesn’t like the pigs, especially with two sows and their litters oinking around. Our kids liked the pigmy goats that were bleating loudly and jumping on top of things, plus the bunnies, cats, and dogs. None of us were too thrilled with the chickens, except for one rooster who crowed and crowed and could be heard at the other end of the barn. We even had the opportunity to watch the doggie dress-up contest and vote for the best owner/dog costume combo.

I think that the kids could have stayed into the evening for the concert and other events. Plus, they wanted to get back on the rides lit up for the evening AND have more fair food.

Lilly and Annie Evergreen Fair

Lilly and Annie on the rides. Photo by Kris Cromwell.

However, it was time to go. We lingered and wistfully looked at hot tubs and cars and climbing walls and laser tag. We stopped at one final booth to get kettle corn for the road. We paused to view the horses and wished we had more time.


You have to try a fresh-baked scone at the Washington State Fair. Photo by David Blandford.

As we exited the fairgrounds, we were reminded that the Evergreen State Fair returns August 25 – September 5, 2016. That seemed like a long time to wait.

Then came an epiphany: the Washington State Fair is just around the corner! September 11-27, 2015 to be exact. “Let’s go!”

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