First course. Photo taken by Danielle Decker.

An Evening at The Herbfarm

Table setting at The Herbfarm.  Taken by Danielle Decker

Table setting at The Herbfarm. Photo taken by Danielle Decker

Some experiences in life are so special and leave such lasting impressions that you can forever return to those memories and swell from the sweet pleasure of a moment in life truly well spent.

Your journey begins as you leave Seattle and take the short drive to the rural farmlands of Woodinville.  Once you arrive at The Herbfarm, step under the unassuming country sign and make your way toward the cottage you are beckoned by warmth radiating from within.  Upon entering you may wonder if the warmth is coming from the grand fireplace in the foyer but it isn’t long after someone graciously invites you in, takes your coat and hands you a lovely tea, infused with garden flowers, that you know the warmth is coming from much more than just a flame.

Carie Van Dyck giving a tour of the herb gardens.  Photo by Danielle Decker.

Carrie Van Dyck giving a tour of the herb gardens. Photo taken by Danielle Decker.

Prior to dinner you’re invited to a thoughtful tour of the herb gardens by proprietor, Carrie Van Dyck; here you will taste a number of the herbs in their virgin state prior to seeing them used again throughout your meal.  If you’ve never tasted the sweetness of a tulip petal or the potency in the flower of a chive you will be pleasantly surprised.  After saying a brief hello to the resident pigs, Basil and Borage, it’s time to return to the cottage for the main event.

You can’t help but look around in awe as you enter the dining room which is adorned with décor from around the world, all carefully chosen and placed as though it has been where it lies since long before your time. The immaculate kitchen is open for all to see, where chef, Chris Weber and his team work diligently creating what will surely delight your palate over the hours to come.

First course. Photo taken by Danielle Decker.

First course. Photo taken by Danielle Decker.

The first of nine courses arrives paired with a sparkling wine that is masterfully selected from their wine cellar of over 26,000 bottles by sommelier, Joey Lopaka.  As you begin to take in the aromas, textures and flavors of the first course you are treated to a formal welcome from founder, Ron Zimmerman, who introduces the incredibly talented and highly-educated staff like one would of their closest and dearest friends.  Ron seamlessly recounts where each is from and why they are such a perfect addition to this impressive group.  Following Ron’s introductions, the chef and sommelier share entertaining banter describing the gastronomic masterpiece they have created for you to enjoy that evening.

Wine Cellar at The Herbfarm.  Photo taken by Kim Edwards.

Wine Cellar at The Herbfarm. Photo taken by Kim Edwards.

Then it’s time to settle in for the following eight courses which are composed like a symphony containing elements of both surprise and familiarity.  The freshness of ingredients is as evident as the thoughtfulness behind each decisive choice on your plate. While you take this all in and enjoy the many subtleties each dish and wine offer the incredibly on-point staff discreetly caters to your every need.

Maybe it’s the unmatched hospitality, or the satisfaction found in tasting and enjoying something entirely new or maybe it’s just that last sip of your digestif but there is certainly an aura of contentment that this whole experience evokes.   As the evening concludes and you walk out the door, you can’t help but leave both thankful and somehow renewed from the entire journey.

Experience the adventure for yourself – The Herbfarm.




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