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I Take My Coffee…

Locals share their go-to coffee orders.

Morning Jolt

Who: John Richards / Job: Morning show host, KEXP 90.3FM / Cafe: La Marzocco, 472 First Ave N; / Coffee: Whatever non-dairy latte is available / Why: They have guest roasters every month with a different menu, so I’m always surprised and impressed with what each coffee company comes up with.


Slam Dunk

Who: Alysha Clark / Job: Forward, Seattle Storm / Cafe: Craftworks Coffee Bar, 110 Republican St; / Coffee: The special, straight / Why: When I go in, I ask the owner what the special is, and most of the time I drink it straight because the flavor of the coffee is really good.


Order En Pointe

Who: Jonathan Porretta / Job: Principal dancer, Pacific Northwest Ballet / Cafe: *Starbucks, multiple locations; / Coffee: Grande cafe misto with coconut milk and one pump of vanilla / Why: It’s nice to know even when visiting other cities and countries that I can always have a taste of home.

Browse & Brew

Who: Langdon Cook / Job: Author / Cafe: Raconteur, 5041 Wilson Ave S; / Coffee: 12-ounce Americano with cream / Why: The cafe is in the new Third Place Books in Seward Park, so I can browse the latest dystopian climate change novels while getting my morning jolt.


Designer Cup

Who: Cassandra LaValle / Job: Founder of coco+kelley and The Emerald Studio / Cafe: All City Coffee, 1205 S Vale St; / Coffee: 12-ounce latte (half soy and half hemp milk) / Why: A barista once asked if I’d ever tried this combo, and I’ve never looked back. Once I find my “thing,” I stick to it loyally. Now, my favorite coffee spots are the ones that offer hemp milk, which is definitely hard to find.


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