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Who says you need to decide between classic street-food bites and elevated chef’s creations? Here’s where to find delicious versions of both.

Tacos Chukis Jessica Huang


Keep It Casual

Tacos Chukis

What began as a secret spot on Capitol Hill is now Seattle’s best-loved chainlet taqueria, where corn tortillas burst with nopales, carne asada, or adobada and grilled pineapple. Each one is a miraculous $2 apiece. 219 Broadway E;

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Chef Chester Gerl grinds strains of heirloom corn to make the tortillas that come stuffed with lamb barbacoa or battered cod. 5313 Ballard Ave NW;

Monsoon Courtesy Geoffrey Smith/Monsoon


Keep it Casual

Pho Bac Sup Shop

The spacious, highly Instagrammable newcomer in the Chinatown–International District is still a casual hole-in-the-wall at heart. The soup recipes date back to the city’s first-ever pho shop. 1240 S Jackson St;

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Capitol Hill’s fine-dining Vietnamese favorite uses all-natural, high-end cuts of beef in its lunch and brunch pho. The result is an elegant, extra-rich take on this comforting staple. 615 19th Ave E;

Great State Burger Jessica Huang


Keep it Casual

Great State Burger

The simplicity makes this growing burger chain a winner: organic, grass-fed patties with American cheese, pickles, and tangy sauce. Burgers are even better with some crinkle-cut fries. *Multiple locations;

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In his sleek downtown dining room, restaurateur Ethan Stowell reimagines the humble tavern burger as a colossus of tender beef, Beecher’s cheese, and artisan bacon. *621 Union St;

Ma'ono Jessica Huang


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Bok a Bok

Light-hued, crackle-skinned Korean fried chicken is dished up at a compact counter with kimchi mac and cheese, tater tots, and surprisingly great biscuits. Multiple locations;

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A sojourn in brine, a soak in buttermilk, a dredge in spiced flour—a ton of effort goes into the deep-golden, craggy pieces of bird that built this West Seattle restaurant’s fan base. Order a whole, half, or quarter bird in advance, and pair it with some of chef Mark Fuller’s elegant Hawaiian-inspired sides. 4437 California Ave SW;

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