Tankard & Tun Courtesy Tankard & Tun; Amber Fouts

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Everyone seeks out salmon and oysters in Seattle, and for good reason—it’s hard to find tastier versions of these iconic items anywhere in the world. But local chefs, clever bunch, have mastered more than just these two regional specialties. Here’s where to taste a wide range of bountiful local seafood, from Alaskan snapper to sustainable sushi.


Tankard & Tun Courtesy Tankard & Tun; Amber Fouts

At Fremont’s Manolin (3621 Stone Way N), fresh catches like rockfish are sliced and seasoned with citrus for rotating ceviche preparations, while mussels are served in a spiced broth with crusty sourdough. Another Fremont favorite is RockCreek Seafood & Spirits* (4300 Fremont Ave N), where fresh shrimp shine in a tangy banh mi sandwich or atop buttery grits.

To enjoy the entire fish, head to Tankard & Tun* (1415 First Ave) in Pike Place Market. The seafood-focused menu touts fried Alaskan snapper, served with head and tail attached. Dine in or take out at Seattle Fish Guys (411 23rd Ave S), a Central District shop that offers a daily selection of fish and then some. If you don’t want to tangle with a whole jumbo king crab, stick with a sandwich heaped with fresh crab meat. The Whale Wins* (3506 Stone Way N), an open, airy superstar in Fremont, serves a memorable sardine toast, with spears of the oily Spanish fish packed onto a thick slice of flavorful levain bread roasted over a wood fire.

With Seattle’s strong ties to Hawaii, there’s plenty of poke here, an island specialty of raw fish marinated and served cold atop rice or salad. At the International District’s goPoké (625 S King St), order the 12th Man Bowl, a Seahawks ode featuring salmon and spicy aioli ahi. For the classic Japanese take on raw fish, visit West Seattle’s Mashiko (4725 California Ave SW). Sushi master Hajime Sato is heralded for his sustainably caught seafood, whether as part of six different omakase (chef’s menu) options or in nigiri and sashimi samplers of the day.

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