Sizzle & Crunch Vietnamese Grill Lauren Bally

Cheap Eats

Delicious doesn’t have to be expensive. These local bites are tasty and easy on the wallet.

Sizzle & Crunch Vietnamese Grill

Leave it to the University District to be a hotbed of affordable eats. (Students, you know?) Here, $6 will get you a hearty banh mi sandwich, like the BB Special, stuffed with pâté, pork belly, garlic mayo, vegetables, and a fried egg.

1313 NE 42nd St;


Cheese Meats Bread

In the Chinatown–International District, this food court newcomer in Uwajimaya slings grilled cheese sandwiches infused with owner Kevin Chung’s innovative twists: braised pork belly and fried egg, sriracha tuna salad with pickled daikon—and none more than $10.

604 Fifth Ave S;


RPM Pizza and Records

This Pioneer Square joint serves hot pizzas alongside sweet tunes. Nab pepperoni or any other classic offerings by the slice (nearly a quarter of a 16-inch pie) for $5.50. Pick up some new vinyl from local label Sub Pop while you’re there.

240 Second Ave S, Ste 102;


Tu Cantinas

Don’t let the kitschy red pepper lights fool you. The tacos at this Georgetown dive bar are legit—and only $3 each. Masa tortillas are handmade in-house, griddled, then filled with frijoles negros (black beans), pollo adobada (adobo-marinated chicken), or cochinita pibil (Yucatan-style barbecue pork). Wash it down with a cold Corona.

6031 Airport Way 


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