WNDR Museum

WNDR Museum is an immersive art and technology experience committed to making art accessible for people of all ages and backgrounds. Our message is simple: We are all artists. And as artists, our visitors are more than passive onlookers. Whatever they do in our museum, IS art. Designed to ignite curiosity, WNDR Museum disrupts and redefines the traditional museum experience by inviting guests to fully engage with artworks and multi-sensory installations created by cutting edge artists, collectives, technologists, designers and makers. As guests travel through WNDR Museum, they will be taken on a multi-dimensional journey where they will serve as an extension of each creator by interacting with various installations. No two visits to WNDR Museum are the same. WNDR Museum will consistently curate its experience by leaning in to cutting edge technologies to welcome new installations year-round.

Exhibit 1
Exhibit 2


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