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Stephanie Tranquille

Stephanie Tranquille is a Senior Program Manager at AWS (Amazon Web Services) in Seattle and a true leader the event management space. She started working for Amazon while living in Melbourne, Australia and moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2017 to join the Global Sales Events team.

Over the past six years, Stephanie has planned events in cities all over the world including Macau, Singapore, Madrid, Copenhagen, Mexico, the U.S., India, and more with attendance of 4,000+ delegates. Stephanie has a unique approach to event planning that blends her background in learning and development, sales coaching, and instructional design and facilitation, giving a distinct perspective to her events.

Since moving to the U.S., what initiatives have become most important to you as an event planner?

I like to approach all programs with global perspective. This means finding locations that promote inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability.

How has your background in learning and development influenced the way you plan events?

One learning model states that 10% of what we learn is through formal training, 20% of what we learn occurs through coaching and mentoring, and 70% of learning occurs through on the job through experience and networking. I consider the 70% to be the space where events can really activate, energize, and influence an attendee’s personal experience.

Adult learning principles offer insight into individual learning and communication style, which is an important consideration when creating inclusive experiences. Events offer a remarkable opportunity to not only build amazing experiences, but also create unique networking and learning activations to captivate hearts and minds of attendees.

You’ve lived all over the world and managed events on 4 continents. What makes Seattle stand out as a meetings destination?

Seattle brings a wonderful sense of community and is truly unique. With many iconic attractions near the convention center and downtown, including Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, MoPOP, and The Spheres, Seattle is a great spot for meetings as well as extended leisure travel.

While your current role focuses on Global Sales Events for AWS, you are also passionate about public speaking. Tell us a bit more about how that started and the topics to which you speak.

I started my career in speaking as a newsreader for a local show. I was approached for the role after I was featured in a documentary on offshore work. This sparked my inner light. I moved on to work with organizations and community groups that supported new migrants to Australia, teaching communication and job skills as well as culture. My passion sits in the emotional intelligence and impactful communication space. Working across different cultures and industries (banking, training, online advertising, and events) has taught me about how important connections and tailored experiences are for everyone. An impactful message, delivered through storytelling can open a kaleidoscope of new or renewed perspectives for the audience, generate new conversation and enable thoughtful conversation.

When you’re not managing events, how else do you spend your time?

I’m a Zumba instructor so when I’m not speaking or planning events, I’m dancing (I got that from my mum!). I’ve danced most of my life, in various styles, and my favorites by far are Bollywood and Latin styles. At this time when we are all working from home, I’m very conscious about making good decisions for my wellbeing and for me, dancing is my joy. I also love cooking (I got that from my dad!) and it’s another way to experience global cuisine.

How have you adjusted your approach and practices due to the current pandemic?

I’ve been very intentional to set a routine, make time to learn and understand emerging industry trends, reflect on events I’m attending virtually and, where possible, support my community and share personal best practices. The attendee experience that we traditionally offer at an in-person event now requires more consideration, so thinking about how attendees learn and retain and how we ideate to ensure relevancy is at the heart of any new creation or thought process. From a wellbeing perspective, I ensure that I stay active; take the time to instill mindfulness as a daily practice; dance, of course; and maintain regular connection with past colleagues and professionals I’ve worked with around the world to continue to grow and nourish my global perspective.


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