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Angela Shen

As founder and CEO of award-winning Savor Seattle Food Tours, Angela Shen is an innovative leader, hardworking entrepreneur, and dedicated working mother of two. In these uncertain times, she’s adapted her business to support its community in a different way.


In their first 10 weeks of adapted operations, Savor Seattle has seen incredible results:

  • $365,000 paid directly to Pike Place Market small businesses
  • $21,500 donated to the Pike Place Market Foundation Safety Net Fund
  • Over 5,000 boxes sold to families near and far – safely!
  • Helped recover 20 jobs in our community, including 5 of their own
  • Shipped to 41 states within the first two weeks of shipping their new Market Favorites Box

Tell us a bit about Savor Seattle and what it used to look like pre-COVID-19.

We have been in operations for 13 years, leading locals and visitors alike on guided food and cultural tours of Seattle’s best eateries and restaurants. We’ve hosted over 30,000 guests per year!

What gave you the idea to transform your food tour business into something completely different?

When we couldn’t bring people to the Pike Place Market anymore, we decided to bring the Market to the people instead! We’ve always been ambassadors of the Seattle food scene, so this was our way of being able to continue doing that.

Tell us about the Iconic Market Boxes – what goes into them, who is benefitting from them, and how can people get their hands on them?

Each week, we curate an Iconic Market Box with a new assortment of 9 Pike Place Market’s eats and treats, all aggregated into one delivery. Every box includes a bouquet of Market flowers, fresh produce from Frank’s Quality Produce, and whole bean coffee. By purchasing an Iconic Market Box, customers are able to safely and easily feed their families for several days, all while supporting local small businesses in our beloved Pike Place Market community. The Iconic Market Boxes are available for pickup or delivery, and just recently we started shipping a Market Favorites Box nationwide.

What role does Pike Place Market play in the Seattle community, and why is it an important cause to you?

Pike Place Market is the heart and soul of Seattle’s food scene. It’s also where Savor Seattle’s roots are, as we started our food tour operations there 13 years ago. With every Iconic Market Box purchase, Savor Seattle donates $5 to the Pike Place Market Safety Net Fund, helping those in our community most economically impacted by COVID-19.

What have you learned about this community since COVID-19 has started?

We are resilient, creative, and hardworking! By leaning in together, creative solutions come to bear. We’ve seen that first hand through our arrangement with Fire & Vine Hospitality Group who is lending us restaurant space at Aerlume so that we have a designated area for box assembly.

How do you think your business model will change after things stabilize post COVID-19?

Sharing the best of Pike Place Market with people near and far will be our focus forever. We plan on continuing with local delivery and shipped boxes nationally for years to come! Every box that gets shipped to a different corner of the United States is a beacon of hope that says, “We’ve got this. We’re ok. Don’t forget about us!”


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