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As a City of Inclusion, #weSEAlove

In Seattle, a self-proclaimed city of inclusion, attendees can expect to feel seen, valued, and loved for being exactly who they are. This cultural underpinning makes Seattle a tremendously open and safe place, and promises to embed transformative experiences of belonging into your next meeting.

In fact, inclusion is a priority of both our citizens and our political leaders. Seattle consistently engages in conversations around diversity, while also enacting policies that ensure it’s every bit the refuge it claims to be. After all, Seattle has received a perfect score on the Municipal Equality Index (HRC) for over ten years running, which measures the extent that equality is embedded into city laws and practices.

The city has established a department dedicated to serving and improving the lives of residents who are immigrants and refugees. Seattle’s former Mayor Jenny Durkan is outspoken on the topic, highlighting the value of these groups.

Durkan wrote in an editorial in the Washington Post. “…we have always welcomed people who have faced tremendous hardships around the world. [They] are part of Seattle’s heritage, and they will continue to make us the city of the future.”

Additionally, voters just brought affirmative action back to the city, meaning state universities, as well as the City of Seattle, may now consider race, gender, and socioeconomic status more closely when hiring and accepting students. This development is projected to diversify university admissions and employee populations, while also lifting up underserved populations.

LGBTQ+ Inclusion

Pride Poodle by Adam Cohn

Photo: Adam Cohn

It doesn’t stop there—Seattle is tremendously LGBTQ+ friendly. In fact, Seattle was one of the first cities to legislate for all-gender bathrooms in 2016. The All-Gender Restroom Ordinance helps make restrooms more accessible for transgender and gender diverse individuals, while Seattle’s Public Accommodations Ordinance clarifies the rights of individuals to use facilities that are in line with their gender identity.

Visit Seattle’s Instagram campaign #weSEAlove, celebrates the LGBTQ+ community through pictures and videos. The campaign amassed over 3,000 followers in less than a year and was highlighted in the New York Times, signifying the widespread resonance of Seattle’s progressive and activism-focused culture.

Seattle’s character as a welcoming city is obvious from the second you arrive. The awareness of diversity is reflected in the city’s artful surroundings—from the rainbow crosswalks in Capitol Hill, to colorful murals like “Rainbow of Diversity” on the former Darigold Building at Rainier Ave.

The light Seattle shines on diversity creates a sense of community and is bound to give visitors a sense of harmony within their environment, no matter who they are. And no matter the type of meeting you’re planning or who your attendee base, Seattle is ready to welcome you.


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