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Don’t miss out on some of Chinatown-International District’s best cafes, delis, and restaurants.

Hannah Brunell

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a quick bite or a full meal–from trendy new chainlets to family restaurants steeped in Seattle history, you can find it all in Seattle’s Chinatown-International District.

Jade Garden

Everyone brings their brunch crew here for piping-hot dim sum plates pushed from table to table on carts, so don’t be dissuaded if the waiting area is packed—there’s lots of big tables inside. Once you’re seated, go communal and share plates to savor bites of sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves, shumai, pork and shrimp dumplings, or steamed pork ribs.  424 Seventh Ave S,


A Seattle staple for more than one hundred years, Maneki’s Japantown location has hosted weddings and funerals and even served as a place for families to store their valuables during the WWII-era internment of Japanese-Americans. This James Beard award winner routinely fills up with diners eating black cod-collar miso or Maneki’s variety ozen with sushi, tempura, and chicken kuwayaki. Eat at the bar, a table, or leave your shoes at the door of your own private tatami room. 304 Sixth Ave S,

Courtesy Maneki

Kau Kau

Craving meat? Kau Kau’s got you covered. Offerings like succulent roast duck or  crispy barbecued pork will steal your heart for dinner or lunch takeout. Round out your meal with the delicious flat beef noodles, fresh crab, or fried rice–or choose a dinner package for up to 10 people for the chef’s choice. 656 S King St,

Hot Pot King

Good broth, quality ingredients, inviting presentation: What more could you ask for in the DIY darling that is hot pot? Hot Pot King has all of these in spades–barely a year old, the Chongqing-style hot pot destination is truly an experience. Beef fat and chili oil come molded in the shape of adorable characters like Hello Kitty or sweater-clad teddy bears for you to dip into the broth and enhance the flavor. Appease your group with the half and half pot (half spicy broth, half original) and choose from 1-10 on their spice rating to find your perfect level of heat. This shareable experience of a meal is perfect for a date or celebration–or just because you deserve it. 710 Eighth Ave S,

Thanh Son Tofu

Across the I-5 in Little Saigon, Thanh Son Tofu packs a flavorful Vietnamese deli in an unassuming exterior. Pick up bulk tofu in an assortment of flavors (try standout offerings lemongrass and jalapeno) served fried and firm, or order $4 banh mi on delicious bread from the counter. For dessert, grab some che dao son (sweet mung bean pudding) or the tricolored che ba mau (a coconut and bean drink). 1248 S King St.

Fuji Bakery

Grab a coffee and take a seat–if you can even decide what to order. There’s an overwhelming amount of pastries, breads, rolls, and cookies jam-packed into the display case of this tiny corner patisserie, all impeccably shaped, baked, and glazed. Try their signature beef curry bun with a mango-coconut croissant for dessert, and sit at the window for a picturesque view of Hing Hay Park’s welcoming red arch across the street. 526 S King St,


When the first location of this Taiwanese chain opened in the US in 2008, it was an overnight sensation. See what the fuss is about at their new Seattle location–grab a milk butter puff pastry, soft ham and cheese bread, or Japanese-style brioche as you wait in line to order a house coffee or, for something a little sweeter, the foam-topped iced sea salt coffee. 501 S Jackson St, 

Oasis Tea Zone

There’s something for everyone at Oasis. The bubble tea menu is just as it should be: miles long, with more tea, flavor, and topping combinations than a single person could hope to try in a lifetime. If you’re hungry, there’s a good selection of fried snacks and dipping sauces to fill you up, from waffle-cut fries and wings to fried tofu and wontons. And for a late-night hangout, stop by with friends to enjoy the spacious interior stocked with board games and pinball. 519 Sixth Ave S,


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