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New Restaurant Rundown

Seattle’s latest dining spots bring big flavors and creative concepts.

By Amanda Zurita


Over the last two years, some of Seattle’s most creative chefs had to find ways to reinvent their restaurants. In the best cases, they had the opportunity to implement their wildest culinary dreams. The city is seeing a restaurant resurgence—from Filipino fried chicken to upscale Tex-Mex, exceptional fine dining, and flavorful Peruvian fare. Here’s a taste of some of the latest, greatest spots.

The Chicken Supply

7410 Greenwood Ave N

It’s best to place your order ahead at this wildly popular Filipino fried chicken shop in Greenwood—they’re often sold out by 7 p.m. And for good reason. They toss their chicken in a light, gluten-free batter made from rice, tapioca, and potato flours, resulting in a delightfully crispy comfort food. Pair your drumsticks, thighs, or boneless skewers with Filipino-influenced sides like monggo (garlic fried rice with stewed mung beans topped with crackly chicken skin) and coconut collard greens (their take on traditional Filipino laing).


9811 16th Ave SW

Easily the buzziest restaurant opening in the last year, Tomo is the passion project of chef Brady Williams (formerly the head chef at Seattle’s famous fine-dining establishment Canlis) and his partner, Jessica Powers. The thoughtful, ever-changing tasting menu emphasizes seasonal produce and Pacific Northwest ingredients combined into balanced Japanese dishes with Venezuelan flavors sprinkled in. Pair that with the restaurant’s moody lighting, minimalist décor, and stellar wine list, and you have a recipe for a dining experience you won’t soon forget.

Señor Carbón Peruvian Cuisine

625 First Ave Ste 100

After a year of sold-out pop-ups, chef Joe Tuesta landed a permanent home for his acclaimed Peruvian-Nikkei fare in Pioneer Square last fall. Nikkei refers to a distinct cooking style developed by Peru’s Japanese immigrant population, melding Japanese cooking techniques with Peruvian ingredients. Don’t miss the bright ceviches and savory lomo saltado (a stir-fry of marinated flank steak with onions). You’ll also find aromatic Chifa dishes stemming from Peru’s Chinese population. Wash it all down with a pisco sour, and snap a selfie with the giant plush llama to complete the experience.

Jackalope Tex-Mex & Cantina

4868 Rainier Ave S

Gooey enchiladas, freshly made tortillas, roasted chile con queso, and some of the best margaritas in town—the zesty menu and energetic atmosphere at this Columbia City Tex-Mex hideaway is so spot-on you might forget you’re not in Central Texas. Co-owner Jack Timmons has been bringing the Lone Star State to Seattle since 2014 when he opened Jack’s BBQ, filling a smokehouse-size hole in the city’s barbecue offerings. The sister restaurant’s tender brisket makes a guest appearance in Jackalope’s tacos and fajitas. Timmons’s Texas takeover is complete.


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