Musang Amber Fouts

Filipino Flair

As imaginative chefs meld flavors of the Philippines with Northwest ingredients, Seattle diners revel in the results.


Since Leila “Ate Lei” Rosas added a kitchen to her mom’s grocery business in 1987, this homey Pike Place Market counter has won diners over with the complex, tangy flavor profile distinct to Filipino cooking. If you’ve only ever had sweet-tart chicken adobo, try the signature tamarind-infused sinigang soup, made with salmon collar and fresh vegetables sourced from the Market itself. 1506 Pike Pl, Ste 509


From a beloved pop-up to one of the city’s hottest new restaurants, Beacon Hill’s Musang is turning chef Melissa Miranda into a household name. The prix fixe weekend brunch menu rotates through classics like the rice porridge arroz caldo, with mushroom stock, soycured egg, and crunchy garlic chips, while locally caught squid blackens the tender noodles of adobong pusit pancit at dinner. 2524 Beacon Ave S


This Capitol Hill walk-up window interprets the richness of American comfort food through a Filipino lens, a hearty match for the late-night bar crawler. Options include veggie and meat sliders atop sweet pandesal buns, spuds cooked in rich duck fat, and sandwiches stuffed with cured pork tocino, melted provolone, and Kewpie mayo. 1356 E Olive Way


Aaron Verzosa and Amber Manuguid’s reservations-only restaurant in Hillman City is a shining example of high-end culinary exploration, strictly using locally sourced ingredients to interpret Filipino cuisine within a Puget Sound context. Take note: The intimate restaurant has only eight seats, so plan to reserve about two months in advance for this seasonal tasting menu experience. 5607 Rainier Ave S


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