A Sunny Seattle Sunday

View from Schmitz overlook

View from Schmitz overlook

Living in Seattle, you learn one thing pretty quickly: Carpe Sunshine.

We’ve been spoiled with a gorgeous summer this year, full of long days of near-perfect weather. Thus resulting in one of my busiest summers ever—with trips around the Northwest and all sort of fun outdoor pursuits. So let’s just say, some things slid a little. Like housework.
This past Sunday, as I surveyed my embarrassingly messy home, I decided the day of reckoning had come. The thick layer of morning marine fog outside helped to convince me I’d survive an inside day.  Chores called. Adulthood beckoned.  Responsibilities loomed.

A few hours passed. I tackled some nagging tasks. But the sun came out, and with it the blue skies, the light glinting off the Puget Sound, the birds chirping, the lawnmowers whining.  I caved.

View from Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook

View from Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook

I gathered my husband and my dog (not much convincing needed in either case), piled into the car and headed to the Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook. Less than 10 minutes later we were strolling along the sound, smelling the sea air, drinking in the rays, chatting with fellow walkers, rollerbladers, cyclists, sunbathers and chore-shirkers like us.  It was glorious, and once again I found myself thinking about how lucky I am to live in a place with such accessible beauty all around.

Elliott Bay view from Marination

Elliott Bay view from Marination

After our walk, we made the quick five minute drive along Alki Beach, noting the impressive late summer crowds enjoying its sandy delights, to Marination Ma Kai. We scored a coveted patio table, and enjoyed the fabulous view of Elliott Bay, the Space Needle and the Seattle skyline as we ate our delicious pork, fish and “sexy tofu” tacos, perfectly cooked fries and hibiscus coolers.  Puget Sound was lively: at one point I could see a Washington State ferry, a large cargo ship, the West Seattle Water Taxi, an Argosy tour boat, a group of divers, a pod of stand-up paddleboarders, numerous kayakers, a sailboat, and several motorboats, all in our frame of view. As we strolled out on the docks to get a closer view of the water, we heard the barking of the sea lions in the near distance and saw a harbor seal who popped up to give us a closer look.  It may have been my imagination, but I’m pretty sure he was giving us a furry thumbs-up for our priorities.

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The Whale Trail signs help identify common marine life in Elliott Bay.

The Whale Trail signs help identify common marine life in Elliott Bay.

A quick ten minute drive brought us back to  our still-messy house, not a bit sad about our afternoon choices. The dustbunnies can wait for winter. But wait— then there’s skiing, and snowshoeing, and cider tasting, and so many plays and concerts and movies and…


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