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Seattle Neighborhoods
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Columbia City

For the traveler looking to experience Seattle from a different perspective, busy downtown streets can give way to quiet glens, ambling parks and rich cultural heritage. The city’s neighborhoods and surrounding communities mingle amid 500-foot hills, lakes and waterways - and their personalities are as diverse as the landscape. From free-spirited Fremont to stately Queen Anne Hill, the Scandinavian charm of Ballard to the melting pot of cultures in Southeast Seattle. These neighborhoods are easily accessible from the city’s center via public transportation, rental car, taxi, tour boat, water taxi or, in some cases, sea kayak.

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Beeline Tours, Charters & Excursions
8110 Seventh Ave S Seattle WA 98108
Phone: 206 902-8654

Inbound receptive services include custom charters, creative excursions, pre and post cruise ship packages, step-on guides. Small and large groups.

Northwest African American Museum
2300 S Massachusetts St Seattle WA 98144
Phone: 206 518-6000 ext. 111
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A history, culture and arts institution that explores what it means to be African American in the Pacific Northwest. HA

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